Information about The Tree Art Gallery & founder Emmeline Hallmark

A warm welcome to The Tree Art Gallery, an online contemporary art gallery specialising in Tree Art - art inspired by Trees and Wood by a select group of leading artists. 


The Tree Art Gallery 


The Tree Art Gallery is the culmination of my studies, passion and interpretation of nature in art. Throughout my career I have always been taken by the beauty and majesty of trees, woodlands and their surroundings. 


I studied and specialised in British landscape art of the 18th and 19th centuries to Masters Level at the Courtauld Institute and for over twenty years worked in the international art world as Head of the British Paintings and Drawings’ department and Senior Director at Sotheby’s, as an independent international art curator and more recently as an advisor and art consultant. Throughout my career I have always wanted to bring art about nature to broader audiences and believe that the Tree Art Gallery does just that.


I am grateful to the contemporary artists who have agreed to work with  us on this stunning project. They include a select group of the leading painters, draughtsmen, sculptors, photographers & print-makers. Some are Royal Academicians, but they are all artists who have international appeal and that I truly admire and whose work I believe will bring pleasure to everyone. The artists have also been chosen so that we can provide a range of art to everyone, from the affordable to the more expensive. More information on each of the artists can be found on their profiles and artist studio visits are available upon request. 


The Tree Art Charities


The Tree Art Gallery is also committed to the preservation of the Tree, this vital species, and therefore together with our artists, we have committed to donate 17% of our income from each sale to a tree conservation or preservation charity of the artists’ choice including: Forests without Frontiers, The Ancient Tree Forum, Trees for the Future, The Tree Council, The Woodland Trust and our own new gallery charity which donates trees to be planted at schools and art colleges amongst others.


The Tree Art Gallery Planet Commitment


As part of our further commitment to the environment, the gallery also subscribes to Ecologi which plants trees and offsets the current challenge of carbon production in the creation and shipping of works of art as well as the day to day running of the gallery website. The gallery is also a member of the Gallery Climate Coalition. 


Art Advisory


I continue to provide advisory and consultancy services to both private and corporate clients as an independent curator. Whether your budget is £100 and a single work of art or £100,000 and above and includes a number of works and alot of blank wall space we would be delighted to assist you. We offer a free consultation and personalised proposal so do get in touch today. 


We look forward to welcoming you to The Tree Art Gallery online. 


Emmeline Hallmark


The Tree Art Gallery