"I have always used nature around me as my studio and source for my work. Where are live in Finland there is plenty of space and a lot of materials I can test and play with. Trees became a stronger element in my work after moving to the countryside, to a very forested area, and away from the sea a previous focus.

I spend a lot of time in the forests and I can see the trees everywhere, so it's possible to observe them every day. I find young, fast-growing casual trees like willows interesting; they are so every day and everywhere that people don't pay attention to them so often, but to me, they give as much inspiration as older and more valuable trees.

Many of my works are located just next to my house and I can see them from my home window. I like the fact that I can live close to my work and I can react immediately, for example on changing weather and light conditions during my working process. I think it's a good way to find the best result for the final work. After the work is ready I can see nature taking the work over again and elements of the artistic process slowly disappearing. I find that interesting as well."